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You might have seen Beyonce rocking unique and playful African apparel in her recent “Spirit” video she has done for “The Lion King.” This is when Tongoro became one of the Beyonce –approved brands spotlighting Africana fashion designs.

“Being celebrity favorite” is not the only defining feature of Tongoro.

However, the latest African brand has got the limelight for its meaningful and intricate designs that have enabled the African fashion industry to take a step forward.

Started in 2016, Tongoro soon proved its existence with its world-class designs, offering style and a unique fashion sense to the conscious consumers. From quality to convenience to variety, Tongoro has made a strong impression on not only fashion divas but also common African women looking for some chic but affordable dresses.

Tongoro- A New Dimension to African Fashion

Tongoro aims to invest in a fashion that makes its customers feel confident and empowered. Offering playful yet elegant designs, the African brand specializes in making clothes that everyone can wear and flaunt. The black clothing talent makes exceptional African dashiki and ready-to-wear attires that you can easily order through its website. Tongoro takes pride in empowering local designers and artisans to celebrate the unique fabrics and prints of Africa.

Sarah- the CEO and founder of Tongoro, ensures that the designs depict the culture and customs while matching the international standards of the fashion industry. Sarah provides professional training to local craftsmen and artisans to empower them and to provide a platform that can enhance their creativity.

The Signature Style of Tongoro

When it comes to meeting the expectations of fashion-forward customers, there is no other African brand like Tongoro. With its graphic patterns, bold, and vivid colors, Tongoro offers clothing that suits to people of any age, class, and occasions. Its billowing jumpsuits, for instance, have an amazing dramatic feel that is appropriate for all kinds of events. That means from garden parties, corporate gathering to weddings, Tongoro can help you make your dressing on point.

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The summer designs of Tongoro have a unique aesthetic feel and can have you dreaming of bright sun-soaked summers. These designs best sum up the brand as “African forward.” The prints and colors Tongoro uses in its dresses capture a vibrant feeling that one can experience only when visiting and living in the continent.

In other words, whether you choose to wear a monochrome Maliki suit or Zanzi co-ord, Tongoro’s design resonates with the culture of Africana. The brand subtly translates its plans for the global audience. Since Beyonce has brought this African brand to the fashion world’s attention, it has boomed the reputation significantly. The music star made it a “label” by donning herself in Tongoro‘s pieces, including durag and bespoke.

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, Tongoro is one of the brands that are known for its stellar pieces and rapidly growing fan following around the globe. The brand designs not only chic and super stylish dresses but also celebrates African fashion, invests, and support local artisans. Thus, Tongoro is one brand that has taken African fashion to the next level.

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