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Rich Factory

With colorful prints and unique silhouettes, Rich Factory aims to design demand attention. The brand works with an exceptional creative force that has a great understanding of African fashion and designs. Rina Chunga- a Zambian-born, and South African dweller is an owner and the founder of the brand. Her passion to make African fashion stand out is the main reason for her creative output.

The recent collaboration of Rich Factory with “Let Go Moment” campaign is an excellent example of Rina’s creativity when it comes to showing the world her unique designs. The campaign provided an eye-catching and appealing display of creative African attires paired with some unique international designs.

Rina Chunga – Brain behind Rich Factory

Rina believes in a strong woman. She knows women today are bolder and have bold choices when it comes to adorning themselves. Her designs are for women who are open with their options, true to their spirit, and most importantly, want to learn how to have fun with their outfits. That is why Rina mixes prints to give them a perfect twist of colors.

Rich Factory- An Epitome of Aesthetics

Vibrant in both color and shape, Rich Factory’s aesthetic has a completely different appeal. The pieces look African and geometrical at first glance, but when you examine the prints in detail, you will find strong Spanish and Asian influences in the patterns and themes. That means the creative team of designers at Rich Factory delicately infuse the intricate design themes into African apparel to give them a unique touch.

It does not mean that Rich Factory excludes African cultural heritage from its clothing line. In fact, Africa has been a strong inspiration for this South African brand to create modern, fashionable, and chic clothes.

Besides this, the brand believes that African fashion continues to make its impression on the world. And designing unique and modern African dresses is the best way to show the world that the continent is full of competent visual artists, creative fashion designers, and artisans.

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Rich Factory- Design Inspiration

Rich Factory’s debut collection of designs at SA fashion week has it all that sums up its design inspiration. Most of the attires presented in the fashion week were bright colors, mix structures, fun silhouettes, and beautiful Asian references. The multihued gowns and retro style short skirts of Rich Factory stole the limelight because of their elegant combination of African prints and graphics.

It is worth mentioning that Rich Factory is one of the contemporary clothing brands that consider designing clothes an expression of art. The brand unites Africans with a smooth mixture of designs and prints. The recent collaboration of Rich Factory with Aero both brands an excellent opportunity to showcase an eclectic and playful collection.

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, brands like Rich Factory play an essential role in revolutionizing African fashion with their innovative, bold, and lively prints to show the world that African fashion is more than just depicting cultural designs.

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