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Meet Raw Girl, Our Resident Nutritionist

Meet Raw Girl, Our Resident Nutritionist

Greetings UjuuMedia Fam! I go by Raw Girl.

For those who may already follow me: hey girl hey! For those of you who are new to my work: in the words of Jay-Z, please allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is Esosa – it means God’s gift. Last name is Edosomwan which literally means “The Edo land is greater than the individual.” I’m Nigerian American, and the first generation in my family born in the US. I love traveling and some of the favorite places I’ve lived include Kingston, London, Cape Town, Brooklyn, LA, the DMV, and stayed for extended periods in Accra and Brazil. 

I am a Board Certified and licensed Certified Nutrition Specialist and Behavioral Coach. The work I do is similar to that of a functional medicine doctor: I aim to get to the root cause of disease and imbalance to help my clients heal. 

Since the age of  thirteen, I’ve been vegan by choice, and it’s now been over twenty years meat and dairy-free. Although I firmly believe in the power of a plant-based diet; my clinical experience and study of nutrition has led me to  believe in bio individuality and that not one diet fits all. I make sure to work with all of my clients to find the diet that works for them. Some people who advocate for plant based have a problem with that – and that’s their business. In my practice I integrate the ancient system of Ayurveda to help me personalize recommendations. 

How I Got Into My Wellness Journey

I got into wellness because of my own healing journey and obsession with longevity. I started a blog called Raw Girl in a Toxic World in 2009 and after four years of nerding out on my own and writing hundreds of articles on wellness, I started my Masters in Nutrition & Integrative Health. It took me another five years to finish around my career in entertainment as an actress, writer, and producer. I have a podcast and a nutrition course called Staying Ageless, and am about that #Ageless life as my own health journey was sparked by powerful women who use nutrition and lifestyle choices to help them look decades younger than they actually are. 

To date I’ve gone through healing myself of acne, chronic fatigue, an eating disorder, and the after effects of being poisoned by mercury to name a few. All of these experiences I wouldn’t take back because they make me a better Nutritionist. I started my career in a weight loss clinic where I helped clients lose hundreds of pounds, and now in my virtual private practice have a wide range of clients and see everything from fibroids, endometriosis, PCOS, autoimmune conditions, diabetes, hypertension, to just wanting to lose weight or increase energy. I truly believe that God and holistic means combined can heal anything when you get to the root cause.

The root of what I do for my clients is help them “detox their lives.”

What does that mean? In addition to getting to the root cause of the holistic reasons their bodies may be off balance or not optimal – as we address their nutrition and lifestyle, every single time I watch the effects of our work transform their relationships, work, and more. Their entire lives shift for the better and it’s incredible to witness. Transformation is what any client who comes in contact with me experiences. I intend that through our work, they can level up body, mind, and spirit so they can go live out their wildest dreams and passion. My clients are dynamic entrepreneurs, independent creative freelancers, health professionals (doctors, surgeons, nurse practitioners), actresses, writers, or power broking women moving up the corporate ladder who need someone truly in their corner to make sure their health is just as on point as their manicure. 

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I’m the nutritionist that doesn’t look at you sideways if you mention cultural foods like “fufu,” “red red,” or “braai,” because I’m African, have traveled and lived in so many places, and have worked to deeply absorb and understand how food & nutrition influences cultures. I’m the nutritionist who will collaborate with your other wellness practitioners but advocate for use of the most natural means when possible. For some of my clients I am also an adjunct life coach and will send them sermons or motivational speeches if they need them. I pray for everyone who works for me behind closed doors because I care that much.  

You are ready to work with me when you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, or are fed up with not understanding why your health is not at 100 and have heard every excuse or dismissal in the book from your health practitioner. You are ready to work with me when you want real answers and real progress, and you are willing to do the work to be at your best. You are ready to work with me when you are ready to release the attachment to your diagnosis and choose wholeness. You are ready to work with me when you know it’s time to level up your health. 

For now, I’m excited just to be here with you all and share nutrition tips weekly. If you have questions feel free to DM me @therawgirl or visit Until next time, I remain yours in health. 

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