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FabroSanz (FRS) – A Brand that Speaks Royalty

FabroSanz (FRS) – A Brand that Speaks Royalty

FabroSanz is not just a fashion brand; it is an adornment that makes people who they are. (Mazibuko)

Perfectly representing the heritage and culture of South Africa, FabroSanz is one of the favorite brands of both local and international markets. Whether it is about creating handcrafted Zulu beadwork or playing with the vibrant hues and prints, FabroSanz excels at designing some exceptionally beautiful clothes.

The fashion house represents stylish, modern, and confident working women with its elegant garment collection. With its unparalleled connoisseur in clothing, Sandi Mazibuko- the CEO of FabroSanz has taken women’s clothing to the next level.

If you need to find something unique to keep your dressing on point, let’s take you on a venture to show what distinguishes FabroSanz from other brands.

FabroSanz- All You Need to Know

FabroSanz (FRS) is an African Fashion house that designs clothes for the modern-day working women. The brand takes pride in making clothes that symbolize the tenacity and vision of bold women. This is what sets (FRS) apart from other local and international brands.

(FRS) strives against odds when it comes to designing something exclusive and achieving a new level of success in African fashion. From designing intricate yet highly trendy clothes to promoting custom them, the fashion house has shown a unique potential.

What Makes FabroSanz Different

(FRS) is one of the fashion houses that understand how important it is to evolve with the fast-paced fashion industry to meet the evolving fashion needs of women. Therefore, the clothing brand believes in finding the avenues that can help it enhance the experience of the clients.  

Take a look at a wide range of styles and fashions that make up FabroSanz a one-of-its-kind brand in the African fashion fraternity.

Nguni Print Collection

This recently launched Nguni Print collection from (FRS) is a whole new definition of African fashion. The clothing ranges of this collection are a perfect depiction of African culture. The original handcrafted Zulu beadwork is the defining feature of this new print line. Mazibuko has beautifully incorporated Zulu culture and style into the new clothing line. She has cloaked prints that have a unique cultural meaning with bright colors and different shapes to interpret the creativity of Nguni people.

Trends in Grey

(FRS) specializes in designing chic and classy office wear in the African fashion industry. The brand has a huge range of formal wear in grey color as it is one of the ultimate hues women love to pick for corporate gatherings.

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(FRS) infuses hues of grey that are popular in men and gives it a twist with some classy animal prints. These chic compilations of masculinity-inspired pieces are reversible, adding to the hottest trends of this year.

FabroSanz – Your Fashion Guru

FabroSanz is your fashion guru when it comes to styling. Its product range is not only trendy but also includes everything to rock your style sense. You can see that there is a wide range of clothing pieces such as blazers, skirts, tops, and pants in FabroSanz collection. The fashion house also designs an exceptionally classy range of accessories such as head wraps, scarves, earrings, and hats to adorn with these pieces of clothes.

Final Verdict

Overall, FabroSanz is a trendsetter in the African fashion industry. It incorporates everything that a modern woman looks for in a fashion brand.

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