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Andrea Lyamah

Andrea Lyamah

Scintillating, edgy, and classy- the three words perfectly describe when you talk about the designs of Andrea Iyamah.

The Nigerian –based designer and creative director of the brand Andrea Iyamah had made her mark at the age of 17 when she launched her first designer collection called “Dinma.” The beautiful pieces of clothes showcased Andrea’s flair for rich textures and vibrancy. Her exceptional combination of prints and graphics take African attire for women to the whole new level.

Andrea showed her creativity in a wide variety of designs to bring African apparel to the world’s attention. From jumpsuits to skirts to tops and formal attires, this Nigerian designer makes everything for today’s modern African women.

Andrea Iyamah- All You Need to Know

As mentioned above, Andrea Iyamah is a Nigerian fashion designer who enters the African fashion industry at the age of 17 with her excellent collection. Later in 2011, Andrea came up with her clothing line that takes strong inspiration from ethnic cultures and colors. Andrea advanced her designing skills further by pursuing her degree in arts and fashion from the University of Ontario.

Bran Features

Andrea Iyamah typically excels in designing unique and eccentric swimwear, using innovative cuts and vibrant hues (inspired by African cultures). However, that doesn’t mean that Andrea Iyamah is short of variety when it comes to making clothes. From custom-made dresses, wedding wears to ready-to-wear event dresses, Andrea Iyamah masterfully designs a range of clothing.

The bold use of colors and a strong influence of African heritage are what set Andrea’s designs apart from others. Whether you choose a formal satin gown or go for a stylish swim trunk, there is a unique blend of themes, colors, and retro designs.

Although Andrea Iyamah’s designs symbolize African cultures, they cater to its international customers by infusing a western touch in the outfits. If you want to rock your steamy vacations, there is no better choice than Andrea Iyamah‘s edgy and classy bathing suits.

That is to say, Andrea Iyama and her creative team of fashion designers work their best to make African apparel that narrates a story and is exclusive to the personality of the customers. The brand aims to become a part of the client’s memories with its world-class designs and attires.

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Andrea Iyamah- A Trend Setter

The reason why Andrea Iyamah has become a brand of “Every Woman” is its choice of colors, cuts, fabric, and, most importantly, tailoring techniques.

The perfect combination of all these elements appeals to many women, regardless of their age or taste in fashion. The couture gowns, for examples, are one of the customs –made outfits that allow every woman to tailor her dream wedding dress.

Moreover, the ready-to-wear pieces and swimsuits of Andrea Lyamah flatter females and girls who are modern, daring and are ready to take risks.

Final Verdict

Overall, Andrea Iyamah is a Canadian-based African brand that offers women everything they need to be seen. The clothing line demonstrates power, confidence, and boldness while staying intact with the latest fashion trends.

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