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5 Encouraging Gems Zendaya Learned During Quarantine

5 Encouraging Gems Zendaya Learned During Quarantine

Actress and Fashion Mogul Zendaya recently sat down with the folks at InStyle Magazine to discuss her latest business endeavors while simultaneously giving us a much needed dose of Black Girl Magic in the form of vulnerability, transparency, and all-around fierceness. Just in case you missed it, here are 5 quick takeaways from the Euphoria and Malcolm & Marie star chat with the publication.

It’s OK to not have all the answers.

“It’s been tough to stay creative and motivated [during this time] because there are so many things that can take you down emotionally. And then, of course, everything that has happened [following the death of George Floyd] has been devastating… If I don’t know something, then I ask people who are actually on the front lines doing the work… So I always think, ‘How can I cheer you on and be a part of something bigger than myself?’”

It’s time to start thinking outside of the box.

“There are a lot of people learning how to be creative during this time and learning how to take a leap while doing it safely in quarantine… But that’s when it’s time to get even more innovative and figure out how we are going to exist in this industry with this new world.”

Keeping the vibe light is key.

“I wanted to stay in a happy vibe, so I also watched a lot of animated movies and funny YouTube compilations of people falling down. Keeping it light… Sometimes I’m inspired by moments too, like a good conversation with my grandmother. In quarantine, you have to hold to those sweet little things.” 

Know how lucky you are.

“I obviously didn’t have the typical high school and college experience and get to do things like prom. And, you know, I could be sad about it. But then, a lot of kids didn’t get to live their dreams at 12. So I’m very lucky in a lot of ways.”

Root for everybody Black. Period.

“I’ve always had a Black stylist and Black hair and makeup artists. But we were able to work with two talented Black photographers on this shoot too. We’re actually around the same age, so it was cool to be with my peers and have an opportunity to show what we can do. There are also so many Black designers people don’t know about, so having an opportunity where they can be in InStyle and get the love they deserve is really special. I hope people are like, ‘Oh, I like that dress!’ And then go support them.”

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